Articles of Interest – April

April’s articles of interest are in the areas of innovation, retail, marketing and financing:


  1. How can small companies use use tools like open innovation and crowd sourcing?
    Step 1 is to check your ego at the door…
    5 Ways Small Businesses Can Innovate Like the Big Guys
  2. Make your business innovative again in 3 steps.
    Begin by getting to know your customers…
    3 Ways to Reignite Innovation in Your Business 


  1. How important is store design in a retail business?
    Start by doing a detailed inspection…
    Six Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Store
  2. Is there a way you can lower your energy expenses and help the environment?
    Lighting is a bright place to start…
    10 Ways to Green Your Retail Store 


  1. What can I do to earn PR for my startup?
    Utilize blogs and social media to tell your story…
    3 Ways to Get Media Coverage for Your Startup
  2. Is your marketing out-dated?
    Techniques like cold calling without a targeted list may be a sign…
    10 Signs Your Marketing is Totally Outdated 


  1. What financing pitfalls do entrepreneurs encounter?
    Underestimating startup costs is a common problem…
    Four Common Startup Money Mistakes
  2. How can I bootstrap my business?
    Trade credit, factoring and other tools you might use…
    6 Sources of Bootstrap Financing 
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