April Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Linda Lewis

Meet Linda Lewis, the Galesburg entrepreneur behind the innovative line of Flipple baby products.

Business ideas often arise from necessity. While boating on a local lake with her infant grandson Lewis discovered she had forgotten to bring a baby bottle.

She improvised by trying to pour formula into the small neck of a water bottle — a solution that did not turn out well.  She then returned home and began inventing the Flipple: a device that turns any water bottle into a baby bottle.

Lewis has worked closely with the EBI Network, including the Entrepreneurship Center of West Central Illinois, in growing her company.  Now in Hyvee and 350 other stores, Lewis received a $10,000 Business Innovation Grant from the City of Galesburg in January. (Press Release)

Now Flipple needs our support! The company is in the running for Walmart’s Get on the Shelf contest.  Of the over 4,500 products which have entered, one will ultimately be selected and given shelf space at Walmart stores throughout the country.  (Press Release)

Through April 4th, we encourage you to vote each day for Linda.  

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to the following link:

Vote in Get On The Shelf

Step 2: Click either “Vote by Texting” or “Vote using Facebook”

Step 3: Pass the voting page onto your contacts by posting it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

To nominate yourself or someone you know for our
Entrepreneurial Spotlight, please email us here.

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