Entrepreneurial Mindset Newsletter – Catch the Spirit!

Welcome to the entrepreneurial mindset newsletter! It’s a newsletter for and about entrepreneurs and those committed to building the entrepreneurial spirit in our community.We urge everyone to “Catch the Spirit.” Whatever your vantage point . . . from the idea generator to the budding entrepreneur wanting to commercialize their product, from the small business owner to mid-to-large size companies seeking to create a better product/service, and to our educational and private institutions, municipalities, and government agencies that are here to provide needed support . . . . we ask you to join in the great cause of building a community of entrepreneurial-minded individuals and organizations throughout our region.

In this issue and the months to come we will cover lots of topics in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, globalization, and sustainability. Please join us and feel free to share this newsletter with the entrepreneurs and businesses you know, or contact us with any ideas you may have. We look forward to working with you in empowering entrepreneurs, building businesses, and growing our regional economy.


Cesar Suarez

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