Small Business Day: Entrepreneurs Serving a Pivotal Role

Bestselling business management author Tom Peters once said, “Celebrate what you want to see more of.”  A community must take time to celebrate small businesses and entrepreneurs if it wants to see more of them.  With this in mind, the annual Small Business Day celebration will take place in three weeks on May 22 from 11:30am to 1pm at Lake Story Pavilion. This event, sponsored each year by the Entrepreneurial Support Network (ESN), serves as an opportunity to recognize startups and small businesses within Knox, Warren, Mercer and Henderson county.

Since the 2011 event, notable advancements have been made in the effort to strengthen our entrepreneurial ecosystem.  From the addition of green and clean-tech companies at the Sustainable Business Center, to the creation and growth of small and mid-size businesses throughout the region, west central Illinois has taken important strides towards a larger vision for a more entrepreneurial culture.

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries describes, in part,
how a startup business innovates during early-stages of growth. Ries has helped coin a new term in startup culture known as “pivoting.”  A company may have to repeatedly change one or more aspects of their business model – or pivot – in order to become successful.  Likewise, our region is in the process of pivoting in order to thrive in the new economy of the 21st century.  Small Business Day is an opportunity to recognize and support the individual business owners who
are pivoting our community in a new direction.

While the nomination period has ended, there is still time to register for the luncheon!

For more information, contact Ryan Lilly at the Entrepreneurship Center: 309-371-0473 or

Ryan Lilly is manager of the Entrepreneurship Center of West Central Illinois, a part of the City of Galesburg’s Economic Development Department and a regional economic development initiative called the EBI Network.  The EBI Network educates, engages and empowers entrepreneurs, business and industry in Knox, Warren, Mercer and Henderson county to become more entrepreneurial, innovative, global and sustainable. For more information visit 

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