Sustainable Business Center Welcomes Sitka Salmon Shares

Sitka Salmon Shares, the Sustainable Business Center’s newest tenant, focuses on bringing sustainable seafood to the Midwest.

As more of the world’s seafood comes from farmed sources or are caught with large damaging nets, the quality of salmon is diminished. Sitka Salmon Shares does salmon differently. They focus on connecting fishermen and consumers to support artisan fishers while delivering high-quality, wild Alaskan salmon to the Midwest. Sitka Salmon Shares only works with small boat fishermen who use low-impact fishing methods and carefully handle each salmon to ensure the highest quality product. Bypassing the middleman means these fishermen receive fair prices and you receive wild Alaskan salmon from a transparent food chain.

Vacuum sealed and blast frozen king, coho, and sockeye salmon will be sold in shares. Shareholders will receive several deliveries of salmon over the course of the summer which is Alaska’s salmon fishing season. There are a variety of share sizes available and each share consists of blast frozen salmon fillets cut into 1-pound portions. Shares can be purchased through existing CSAs, by joining a Community Supported Fishery, or directly from Sitka Salmon Shares’ website.

Sitka Salmon Share’s Community Supported Fishery program is the first of its kind connecting the Midwest to Southeast Alaska. The West-Central Illinois Community Supported Fishery will deliver salmon to the Quad Cities, Peoria, and Galesburg. You can join this sustainable food chain by signing up on the Sitka Salmon Shares website.

Helen Schnoes of Sitka Salmon Shares says “We’re excited to establish our headquarters at the Sustainable Business Center because it shares a vision with us of transforming business to be more sustainable and supporting independent businesses in ways that promote local communities.” Through their shared vision the Sustainable Business Center and Sitka Salmon Shares will work to bring healthy, sustainable food to Galesburg and the Midwest.

For information about Sitka Salmon Shares please visit

For information on the Sustainable Business Center and its tenants please contact Eric Dilts at 309-371-0472 or

Eric Dilts is Director at the Sustainable Business Center, an 88,000 sq. ft. incubator for green companies. Dilts is a part of the City of Galesburg’s Economic Development Department and a regional economic development initiative called the EBI Network.  The EBI Network educates, engages and empowers entrepreneurs, business and industry in Knox, Warren, Mercer and Henderson county to become more entrepreneurial, innovative, global and sustainable.

For more information visit 

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