May Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Luke Schuette

This month’s Entrepreneurial Spotlight is on Luke Schuette, Founder and CEO of Lamboo, Inc.

Lamboo Inc. is a technology and manufacturing company founded from the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientist, and biotechnology specialist on the forefront of cutting edge, sustainable design technology for the residential and commercial construction industries worldwide.

Based in Springfield, IL, the company currently utilizes distribution space at the Sustainable Business Center, a Galesburg incubator focused on the development of green companies.

Lamboo produces engineered structural bamboo for architectural applications. Bamboo, as a building product, offers enhanced performance over traditional forms of construction material. Integrating bamboo’s natural attributes into the Lamboo laminated process has created a superior structural building material that offers benefits to the environment, the construction industry, and architects/engineers throughout the world.

Luke’s background is in Sustainable Design Architecture, but for the last 8 years, Luke and his team have focused on research, development, and production of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural, and industrial higher performance products. As the founder of Lamboo, Inc. Luke has lead the effort in the establishment of new internationally recognized standards within the construction industry allowing multiple companies and designers to add the highest performing, most sustainable materials into their product offerings. Luke has worked directly with several leading edge designers, engineers, and companies.

In addition to Lamboo’s commitment to innovation in sustainable design practices, Lamboo is focused on operations that surpass ethical standards in the industry.

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