Meet the Director: Cesar Suarez

Cesar Suarez
EBI Network Director
& Director of Economic Development
for the City of Galesburg, Illinois 

Cesar Suarez began his duties as Economic Development Director for the City of Galesburg on August 20, 2007. His key goal is to work with development partners throughout the City to prepare and position Galesburg for future growth. Specific areas of responsibilities include: a) entrepreneurial development, b) downtown revitalization, c) retail development, d) industrial recruitment, and e) business development throughout the City.

Cesar has worked in the field of community/economic development for the past 20 years in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Previously, Cesar served as Economic Development Director for the City of Centralia. He’s held positions as a Chamber Director for West Bend, WI, Executive Director of an Economic Development Corporation in Brookfield, IL, and started his career as a community organizer in Milwaukee, WI in 1991.

Cesar has earned an M.B.A at SIU-Carbondale along with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Phone: 309/345-3680
55 W. Thomkins Street
Galesburg, IL 61401


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