Creating Cultures Anew

Understanding and dealing with “culture” is vitally important.   It pervades all of society and is a powerful influencer on the lives of individuals, groups, organizations, societies, and all of humanity.   Culture is a subject so vast, illusive, and daunting that we often just ignore it like the air we breathe.  That would be a BIG MISTAKE!

For those looking to advance their individual worth, grow their business, build a legacy for their community, and/or improve the state of humanity we must learn to CREATE CULTURES ANEW!  To those who aspire to do so, I suggest the following:

1) Culture Define It – Get a working definition of culture that you can rely on.  The definition I use . . . “Culture is the expression of a group of people”. .  is simple, meaningful, and applicable for me.

2) Culture See It
You can understand how culture is formed
or created anew by seeing it through
Figure 1: “Cultural Web”.  Notice the use
of stories, symbols, rituals, etc.

3) Culture Create It – Be bold and act with good intentions to change the culture/s you dwell in.  A good read on the subject is in the attached white paper “Creating the Innovative Culture.

So we must be MINDFUL of CULTURE!  It serves as a guide and a medium by which we communicate our shared values.

The upcoming Small Business Day Awards Luncheon is a key example of how we are communicating a culture of innovation for West Central Illinois.  We hope you can participate as we CREATE A NEW ECONOMY TOGETHER for the 21st Century.


Cesar Suarez

For more on culture, see this white paper from Innovation Labs. 

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