Book of the Month: The E-Myth

June’s book of the month is a long-standing bestseller in the small business genre, The E-Myth.  Written over 15 years ago, Michael Gerber’s most well-known work describes incorrect assumptions about entrepreneurship, provides a guided tour through the life-cycle of a startup, shows how every business should be started with a franchise model in mind, and how owners should transition from working “in” their business to “on” their business.

A key idea of the book is that one should not let their business overcome them.  In other words the business should be created so that it can run independent of the entrepreneur. This entails both delegation and systematization of day-to-day operations.

Since this book Gerber has gone onto publish other great books along the same line of thinking.  These include: The Most Successful Small Business in the World, Awakening the Entrepreneur Within, E-Myth Mastery, The E-Myth Enterprise, and the E-Myth Manager.

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