Something New Cooking at the Sustainable Business Center

The Sustainable Business Center has an exciting opportunity for culinary enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. En Season, the SBC’s commercial kitchen and café is now open for business.

En Season is an apropos name for a café that is dedicated to the creation of fresh, local and chemical-free cuisine using produce that is currently ‘in season.’  En Season’s commercial kitchen is a shared-use kitchen and business incubator available to anyone wishing to produce and/or market a local food product. The kitchen is certified and commercially equipped for food preparation, cooking demonstrations, educational classes and training.

The state of Illinois currently requires foods such as jellies, sauces, and breads sold at farmers’ markets to be produced in a certified kitchen. En Season kitchen enables food producers from the Galesburg area to pursue their food business goals without the heavy start-up cost of building and maintaining a certified kitchen. There is also on-site retail space for immediate sales opportunities for foods produced within En Season.

The Sustainable Business Center is in the process of planting a variety of chemical-free fruits and vegetables including raspberries, radishes, summer squash, tomatoes and herbs. This produce will be served in the café and utilized in kitchen demonstrations. The focus of the kitchen demonstrations is to share knowledge about cooking fresh, local and chemical-free produce with the Galesburg community.

In addition to a garden, the Sustainable Business Center
is planting a prairie plot. Full of grasses and other plants native to Illinois, the prairie plot will create a local ecosystem of plants, insects, and animals.

Through En Season kitchen and café and our efforts to combine business acumen with social and environmental awareness, the Sustainable Business Center can help you “Leave your imprint on the world…  Without leaving a carbon footprint on the earth.”

Information on June cooking classes is here.

For more information about the Sustainable Business Center, please visit us at or call us at (309) 343-1191.

For more information regarding En Season Kitchen and Café, please contact Peggy Wilke at

Video of the kitchen can be found here.

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