Focus on Success

Do you ever wonder why success is not more common?  Why we don’t see it more in our personal lives, in our place of work, and in our community?  I certainly do, and after pondering as to why we miss the mark, I come to one overarching conclusion . . . It’s about FOCUS or the lack thereof.

FOCUS is the ability to tune-in to what is important and tune-out what is not. It sounds like an easy task, but no doubt difficult given the “noise level” around us.  So let’s FOCUS on SUCCESS with the intention of generating more of it.  Here are a few suggestions:

1)      Aim High – Commit to a stretch goal, something challenging and outside the comfort zone. If you need a good reason as to why, check out what motivational speaker Les Brown said: “Shoot for the moon, even if you don’t get there you’ll be among the stars.”  The goal we set, which is our purpose, will provide  . . . . Focused Attention.

2)      Shoot Straight – Take your best shot.  How? By knowing the direction and distance of your target, selecting the best course of action, and applying the requisite resources.  In short, a strategic action plan is needed to direct limited resources wisely and provide
. . . Focused Action.

3)      Track Your Target – Even the best of shots will miss the mark.  A target tracking system is needed to improve subsequent attempts and the efficacy of our efforts.  This I believe is where mastery lies, in the continuous improvement of our effectiveness and efficiency.  A well designed target tracking system will provide  . . . Focused Alignment.

Success will be in sure when we stay on target through FOCUSED Attention, Action, and Alignment towards our target.   Success will also be sure if you follow Ben Franklin’s formula…

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Cesar Suarez
Economic Development Director

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