Our theme “MAKE CONTACTS & BUILD NETWORKS” is very fitting for all of us who are actively participating in our regional economy in West Central Illinois. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur; an independent business owner; or, an executive of a mid to large firm, there are great challenges ahead in the market place.

In pursuit of opportunities, we ask . . .What new markets can we sell to? What technology will increase productivity? How will competitors respond?  How should we commercialize our prototype? What expertise should we employ?  . .  .And just when we think we have the answers (see quote of the month), the circumstances change and the opportunity that once was near is beyond our reach.
What are we to do?

Some give up while others fake it and blindly move forward.  The courageous face the complex nature of their challenge, acknowledges their personal limitations, and set a course for “Making Contacts & Building Networks” in proportion to the challenge at hand.

It stands to reason that those who wish to be courageous and accomplish far more than their personal limitations must:  a) develop skills in creating their own network, and b) tap into existing networks of opportunities. On the former, I advise that you refer to the book & article of the month, and on the latter, I ask that you tap into the EBI Network.  We would be glad to demonstrate how we can advance your project and accelerate your progress.


Cesar Suarez
EBI Network Director

“It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble;
it’s what we know that ain’t so.”
– Will Rogers

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