Web Tool of the Month: Rescue Time

Ever heard the expression “time is money?” or “where does the time go?” This month we have a tool to give you the answers. Web-based programs like Rescue Time or Manic Time will manage and analyze how productively you are spending your day.

These products have several functions to boost the efficiency and productivity of any entrepreneur, manager, or someone looking to maximize their work performance. They automatically log the time spent on a web tab or application. They even keep track of time with no activity and only track the tab that is in use. If you leave the computer, you can log the activity that took you away from the computer whether it was a phone call,
or a meeting.

The internet is a great place to casually browse. Taking a short break from your work is useful in helping focus when it is needed. At times, focus is needed but it is tough to find it. Rescue Time lends a helpful hand.

Another function of Recue Time allows you to seal a time span that you must focus with no distractions. During this time, the unproductive web sites that you visit will be blocked assuring that focus, efficiency, and productivity will be maintained. The list of websites blocked can be edited by the user.

After all of the data has been logged automatically by Rescue Time or ManicTime, you can observe the data. It is presented in an easy to view and understand format. You can view the easy to read graph at the top and a more in depth table below. The table and graph are fully interactive.

Everyone wants to be productive and efficient because these traits lead to success! Success cannot be achieved without the right tools. Programs like Rescue Time and ManicTime, allow you to run at your peak performance at work.

Download one of these programs today and begin to improve your priceless hours at work.

Remember…Time is Money!

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