Introducing SPARK!

SPARK is a campaign to encourage and support widespread innovation throughout the region and is powered by the EBI Network. Businesses can participate or utilize SPARK in three ways:

I. Service Component:

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking new business opportunities can obtain business development services either: a) one-one-one with a professional business consultant, b) by engaging a business advisory group to advise on your project, or c) through a project development team, to work out details in your project.

If you are a professional business service provider, an expert, or can offer business services, you can sign-up to become either a:

1) Professional Business Consultant – You can offer your services on a fee basis for one-one-one business consulting services to clients who need your professional expertise.
2) Volunteer Business Advisor – You can provide advice in a group setting by attending an ad hoc SPARK Session for an emerging business opportunity.  You would join with other professional in listening to a business presentation and providing general advise to the entrepreneur.
3) Volunteer Project Developer – You can join with an assembly of interns, college students, educational institutions, agencies, and ED staff to provide concentrated services and technical assistance on a Project specific basis.

II.  Training Component:
Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to learn more about innovation can participate in:
1) Innovation Certificatesee article on innovation training.

2) Innovation Workshopssee upcoming YPG event.

II.     Financing Component:

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking financing can tap grants, loans, and other business assistance through the assistance of the EBI Network.

For more information contact Ryan Lilly, Entrepreneurship Center Manager,
at 309-371-0473 or at

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