Managing Contacts by Going High Tech

If you have ever attended a trade show or a meeting where you came back with a stack of business cards, you may understand the difficulty in sorting them all and inputting that data into your contact management system. Whether you transcribe them onto a Rolodex or manually type each contact’s information into a database or CRM program, even a small stack of cards can mean a large investment of time.

Manage all of those contacts and eliminate those pesky cards by going high tech! Business card scanners like the one pictured here have become increasingly affordable, fast, and easy to use. Simply zip the cards through the scanner, let the built-in OCR (optical character recognition) program go to work, and the device will convert every piece of information on the card into text. Export the contacts to your CRM program of choice with one click and you’re done!

Other than card scanners, what kinds of technology can your business make use of to improve your effectiveness or efficiency? How can you reduce paper and digitize your workflow?  Discover the answer by going high tech!

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