Go Global!

going_globalThe idea of going global to most of us may seem as distant and difficult as going to the moon.  While that may have been the case years ago consider the possibility of going global today.  Consider these questions or just skip to my final point.

Should You Go Global?

Sooner or later, there’s either a reckoning or recognition that one must prepare and go global. The market opportunities may be too large to ignore, the competition too strong to avoid, or it’s a strategic imperative for the life of your business/organization.

Are you Willing & Able?

This calls into question one’s personal attitude and ability along with our organization’s culture and capabilities.  Going global requires that we all bring our”a-game” and put in our “first-string”.  And if you’re accustomed to operating your business/organization as a “champion” then you’ll be well suited to go global.

Will the Rewards Out-Way the Risks?

going_global.2jpgWith the right-amount of strategic planning, action, and commitment one should be able to navigate through the global landscape and find market opportunities abroad.  There are many excellent resources available to get you moving in the right direction and get your return –on-investment (see white paper for starters). When will the rewards outweigh the risks? It may take up to two years according to this article.


It’s not so much about “Going Global”, but more so about becoming “GLOBALLY COMPETITIVE”.  For the individual, organization, or community it’s the new way of thriving in the new economy and in our shrinking world.

We aim to assist companies to become “Globally Competitive” and “Go Global”.  Check out our recent trade mission to Indonesia, check into our service offerings, especially BRED for Global Competitiveness.


Cesar Suarez

“The simple definition of globalization is the interweaving of markets, technology, information systems, and telecommunications networks in a way that is shrinking the world from a size medium to a size small.”

— Thomas Friedman

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