Introducing: BRED for Global Competitiveness

Bred - horizontal logo on white background-01BRED is a new regional program for businesses to become globally competitive. The program consists of a network of professionals, programs, and services to help businesses increase sales, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve their overall competitive position in the marketplace. BRED for Global COMPETITIVENESS is about developing growth oriented businesses that aim to be the best and want to move their business progressively forward.

Bred - horizontal logo embossedBRED, which stands for Business Retention, Expansion, and Development consists of the following goals that will improve the company’s overall competitive position in the market:

1) Adopting Best Practices – Identify and incorporate those practices that will prepare businesses to become more effective and productive in the area of marketing, operations, and finance. This is to be done for general business practices as well as for specific industries.

2) Transforming through Technology – Learn to conduct your “business in real-time” by leveraging web-based technology, growing your electronic foot-print, and utilizing cloud-based enterprise software

3) Pursuing New Markets – Find markets here and abroad for your existing products or services. Market research coupled with various marketing strategies may result in new market opportunities.

Bred - horizontal logo 3D wall4) Innovating New Opportunities – Learn how to innovate in four areas of your business through innovative certification and training and establish new opportunities to pursue.

5) Overcoming Key Obstacles – Express key business concerns and inquire how they might be addressed through the local, state, or federal resources.

The BRED program will be delivered through a collaboration of regional business development service providers led by the EBI Network. While most businesses aim to be globally competitive, not all will need to, nor choose to sell abroad. The program is about being on a global “fitness-track” rather than being in “foreign-trade”.

To find out more about BRED for Global COMPETITIVENESS contact the EBI Network or the City of Galesburg’s Economic Development team:

Gary Camarano
EBI – Global Strategies Director

Cesar Suarez
EBI – Director and City of Galesburg ED Director

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